Practice areas

A focus on sustaining wealth during one's life and for the following generations while providing strategies to add value to societal causes. Areas include:

  1. Wealth Management (Asset Protection)
  2. Estate & Trusts
  3. Tax Strategies
  4. Family Office Services
  5. Fund Formation
  6. Philanthropy (Foundation Services)
  7. Business Consulting
  8. Litigation

Equity through preparedness. The system isn’t about justice; it is about ever-expanding theories of liability, deep pockets and sympathetic juries.
— E.W. Turk, Esquire

What We've Achieved

  • Trusted advisor to various professional athletes
  • Resource to leading family offices
  • Ability to prevent financial chaos through strategic planning
  • Significant tax savings via creative strategies
  • Unique methods for raising significant charitable donations
  • Piece of mind